Blonded (Color No: 613 ) Wefted Hairs

There is an old saying that blondes have more fun, find out whether or not that is true by buying some of our great Blonde hair extensions. You can use our Blonde hair to create great Blonde hair weaves or you can just lengthen your own personal style. A lot of people find that all it takes is a few Blonde hair extensions and instantly their hair looks a lot fuller with volume that everyone else is envious of.

Our Blonde hair extensions are made using the appropriate colouring technique. we use top of the line coloring techniques to make sure that the hair is not damaged at all in the process of dying. Generally dying the hair does leave behind some damage and can even lead to split ends, but the experts that take care of our custom coloring make sure that the hair color looks completely natural and the hair still looks like it has been untouched. For this reason, you will not be able to find any better Blond Hair anywhere else.

All of our stunning Blonde Hair Extensions are available in sizes that spread between 10" to 26" but if you have a specific style in mind or need a longer or shorter length for your Blonde Hair weave then feel free to call us. If you contact us we will be glad to help you get the exact style so that you can get the exact look you are after.

While you are preparing your Blonde hair weave you might notice that the hair weighs slightly different. This is because although we strive to make sure our bundles weigh 3.5 ounces, sometimes there is a slight difference of an ounce or two. When we take donor hair we do not alter it at all, and all hair strands have their own individual weight. Therefore, in order for you to get top of the line Blonde hair extensions we have to allow for small weight variations.