Why Won’t My Hair Develop Past a Specific Point?

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November 20, 2018
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Why Won’t My Hair Develop Past a Specific Point?

Have you at any point gotten your hair colored, just for your underlying foundations to begin demonstrating fourteen days after the fact, yet your hair doesn’t appear to look any more? Shouldn’t something be said about abandoning a haircut for quite a long time, yet your hair is as yet stuck at mid length? We see how disappointing it tends to be in case you’re endeavoring to develop your hair, however it just won’t develop!


Hair grows at a normal rate of a large portion of an inch each month. That implies, the normal individual’s hair grows around 6 inches each year. To place that in context, that is not exactly a large portion of the length of our standard 20″ hair expansions. In the event that your hair isn’t getting the consideration it needs and is severing at indistinguishable rate from it is developing, it will remain a similar length all year until the point that you change your hair propensities. A few propensities that be adding to weak hair and breakage include:


Regardless of whether you’re getting your hair colored, utilizing relaxers, getting new features, or even an old-school perm, over preparing hair prompts significant breakage. Presenting your hair to synthetics strips it of its characteristic oils, while manufactured colors lift up the external fingernail skin making harm the hair strands. To say it essentially, a sound hair fingernail skin lays level making hair look smooth and glossy, while a lifted harmed fingernail skin makes hair end up dull, weak, and bunched up. Eventually, over-preparing prompts part finishes and breakage making it for all intents and purposes unthinkable for hair to move beyond a specific length.

Abuse of Hot Tools

Each time you hear the sizzle of a hot instrument when it interacts in view of your hair simply keep the harm that you’re causing to that excellent leader of yours and how it’s influencing your hair development. In case you’re endeavoring to develop your hair out it’s essential to keep it as solid and as sound as would be prudent. Hot apparatuses just quicken harm by basically drying and fricasseeing your hair. Dry, fragile hair can just withstand such a great amount of styling before the part closes shape and breakage starts. Give your hair a little get-away from all hot apparatuses to enable it to recover its solidarity to enable hair to develop.

Forcefully Styling Your Hair

How you handle your hair can incredibly influence the nature of your mane and at last the capacity for your hair to develop out. On the off chance that you are excessively forceful, utilizing revealed elastics or battling with your wavy or coarse hair, you might contribute the breakage.

Part Ends

We’ve all needed to manage part closes, which are actually finishes of hair that have part in two, (now and again even three) because of the hair not sufficiently accepting supplements to carry on with a long and solid life. Subsequently, the split in the hair goes up increasingly elevated, bringing about the closures severing. Along these lines, despite the fact that your hair might develop from the root, it is all the while severing from the base, influencing it to appear as though your hair is simply stuck at a specific length.

When part closes happen, it isn’t conceivable to fix them. The main thing you can do is cut those suckers off and avert them later on. Leaving part closes in your hair will admirable motivation them to part further, prompting more hair breakage, and an endless loop of no hair development.

To forestall part closures and hair breakage, abstain from blanching your hair or over-handling it, as it can prompt dry hair. Stay away from towel-drying your hair cruelly and let your hair air-dry. Too, brush your hair tenderly from base to top when detangling, and utilize appropriate texture or silk secured hair elastics. Here are some more tips and traps for averting part closes. Trust us—your hair will much obliged!

Hereditary qualities

In some cases, hair development and well being is only dependent on hereditary qualities. Everybody has a cycle of hair development particular to them. Hair quits developing once a specific measure of time has passed, not once it achieves a specific length. In this manner, when the hair has achieved the finish of its development cycle, it will never again develop and will either sever, shed, or be trimmed off at the hairdresser. Every hair strand has its very own development cycle, which is the reason we commonly have distinctive lengths of hair strands all through our head. This cycle can last somewhere in the range of two to six years, and regardless of how well you treat your hair, can’t be stretched out just because of your DNA.


Much the same as your hereditary qualities, your age may likewise be the motivation behind why your hair just won’t develop. A lifetime of warmth styling, handling, blanching, coloring, and a not exactly perfect eating regimen may all add to your hair debilitating as you get more seasoned. Thus, that multi year cycle we discussed now turns into a two-year cycle, making the hair more slender, and also unfit to develop past a specific point. Furthermore, as you get more established, the scalp starts to create less oil prompting coarser, dryer hair and hair that is more inclined to part closures and breakage. To battle this, we prescribe kneading your scalp each night to animate the hair follicles and blood stream, which in turns may prompt more development.


As the familiar axioms go, “your health will depend on the type of food you eat” and “excellence originates from inside.” Have you at any point gone on a low quality nourishment gorge just to get a pimple the following day just before a major date? What about that stunning gleam your face goes up against when you’re all around hydrated? Your hair is a similar way! A sound, nutrient rich eating regimen implies additional sustenance for your scalp, which prompts solid, long, delightful hair.

Press, Vitamin D, B-complex, and zinc is ideal for solid hair. Iron can be found normally in eggs, spinach, and chicken, while salmon, mushrooms, and regular daylight are extraordinary, characteristic wellsprings of Vitamin D. B-Complex incorporates biotin, niacin, and cobalamin, which all give the hair thickness and sparkle—avocados, vegetables, eggs, and entire grains are an incredible hotspot for these. At long last, stack up on sheep, turkey, and pumpkin seeds for an additional portion of zinc.